ING COOLING was established in 2008, and is a leading Chinese manufacturer of automotive, industrial heat transfer products, such as radiators, condensers, heaters, intercoolers, oil coolers, and evaporators.  ING products find their way into many sectors throughout the world. Leading genuine automotive cooling parts distributors, 4S repairing shops, DIY part stores, industrial companies, and the aftermarkets are numbered among the regular ING customers.
The employees of ING are dedicated to meet their customers’ special requirements with technology, innovation, customer service and quick turnaround time. “30-DAY” delivery time is the norm for ING’s manufacturing.

ING’s distribution sites are strategically located through Northern America, Southern America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Pacific. In order to have the strong capability to fulfill the supply requirements of its customers rapidly and professionally, we will prepare a large inventory of a full range of aftermarket articles. And then we can fulfill the wish of “24-Hour” delivery time for our distributing customers.

Custom-built products are a norm for ING. ING’S extensive engineering and test facilities provide the guarantee that all cooling systems meets the strictest requirements. ING manufactures only quality products meeting OE specifications, or higher requirements!
The high- grand products of ING are relied upon by large distributors, wholesalers, retailers of vehicle parts, radiator shops, and installation specialists all over the world. Customers worldwide, reply on ING’s technical knowledge, product availability, and broad surprising products range.
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